Got Database?


Do you collect contact information from your clients?

This is on topic because, most salon professionals do not do this!

They get a phone number and that is it!

“Collecting a database is a “Must Do” for your Business”

Unless you are super comfortable calling up a client that has not seen you in 3 months to offer them a special or to let them know you have openings, then a phone number is not enough. People often think it is too pushy to ask for more information, IT IS NOT!

Salons that have a computer system…good for you! I hope that you are asking for everyone’s email, mailing address and if they text message when entering them in the computer.

HOWEVER, you still NEED to have a hard copy!
Here’s why, IF you are a salon owner, you want all data in the computer. If you are a booth renter/independent contractor, you need a hard copy for your personal records of ALL you clients.

This is how you get it…..
As you seat them, hand them the form and simply tell them to fill out the form (before you begin the consultation) and then you will get started. (DON’T ASK…POLITELY TELL) Make it part of your routine.
What do you have them fill out?
Here are two ways to easily collect contact information.
1.  A small information card (see sample below, print 4 on a page and cut)
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Text Message Y or N
Mailing Address
Birthday Month
Are you on Facebook Y or N?
What services are you interested in?

2. Have a “hair audit form” one with all the info above. They will fill out the contact portion and then you fill the rest. This form goes in to much more detail and YOU will fill it out as you do the consultation.

This form asks questions like…
How often do they get their haircut?
Are they interested in color?
What products they are using at home?
And so on.

You use this during your consultation. This builds trust when you take notes while doing the consultation, clients feel you genuinely care for them. (Hair consultations are in another blog!) 
Here is a sample of an info card you can use. Just copy and paste to another document and put 4 on a page…print, cut and go.  Super simple!

EMAIL: If you do not have an email manager, you can go to and get one free or my favorite is I use this one and love all its features. (With this one, you can add a coupon right on your Facebook page and it collects emails right then. See and click on my “Sign up Button” to see what I mean)

Put your emails into an email manager and use it! (With an email manager, you create a list. You shoot a quick email out to the list. It does not take much time, once you have the list in place) Nurture your clients by staying in touch with them!
Send emails when…
1. When you have openings (last minutes appts. can get filled this way)
2. When NEWS happens
3. Send a monthly newsletter
4. When you have a special offer etc.
The goal here is to keep your name out in front of your clients. SOO, when they need a haircut or a friend needs one…they say … “Go to my…they have an opening or a special going etc.”

DO THIS whether you have ONE client or THOUSANDS! Building relationships on a professional level outside of the chair is super important.

EMAIL IS FREE! If you don’t have an email system, you can use snail mail to stay in touch. It’s just not FREE.

SNAIL MAIL: If you don’t have an address you cannot send a WELCOME letter, or a thank you card. This is VERY important to client nurturing. People know you CARE when they get something personal from you in the mail. Think about it…when was the last time you got a birthday card in the mail…how did it make you feel?

PHONE NUMBER: Cell phone number so you can text! I added a follow up part of nurturing in my “Must Do’s, because it is sooo important and it CAN increase your retention by 40% almost immediately!! This is done by a PHONE CALL…talk or text, either way it’s very effective! This cannot be done by email. This has to be done, with a call/text for maximum results. PERSONAL FOLLOW UP…is KEY HERE. (A phone call is important to CONFIRM your appointments as well.

The correct way to confirm your appointments, so they don’t cancel when you do confirm is in another blog post.

Hope that helps! Feel free to SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT if you got value from this.

Have a blessed day!

Tammy Dennis

Helping Salons Catapult their business!

Helping Salons Catapult their business!








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