Life Altering Moment!

Life Altering Moment! 

Life altering moment for me!

Life altering moment for me!

Have you ever had a “Life Altering Moment”? Something you do, someone you meet, a book you have read…it changes your life and you look back and can say…“That was a life altering moment for me!”

I just had one! As I mentioned in my “about page” on my blog, I have had several in my life to get me here talking to you today. But, boy oh boy…this was a BIG ONE!

I have had many things holding me back over the course of trying to reach salon and spas. You may have some of these things going on with you as well. I know they are pretty common and most just don’t know how to get past them. Even though, I pressed forward to reach you, I still had negative thoughts and questions running through my head taking my energy.

  • Fear of failure
  • Am I good enough?
  • Do I REALLY deserve success?
  • Does GOD (or a higher power) really know who I am and LOVE me?
  • Why would GOD (or a higher power) even WANT to take the time for me?
  • Is my marriage going to last?
  • What if he leaves me because, now I am skinny or chubby OR make more money than him?
  • Can I ever really be satisfied with my life?
  • Can I ever FEEL fulfillment in my life, marriage, salon, spa, business?
  • Can I truly have balance with my work and my personal life?
  • Do I have to go to Church to know GOD or for him to know me?

The list went on and on with me! I had self doubt like crazy! My “stinkin thinkin” over took all the good that was happening.

I got a book given to me as a gift from a dear friend on September 15th. She gave the book to several of her friends…not just me. When I received the book. I was thought to myself “awesome, another book for my library that I will never get read.”

You see, I did not learn to read until collage. They started me with a “phonics” class because my reading was so low.  So, because of that, I have just never developed a habit of reading books. I have read 3 books from front to back in my 46 years. I know right! Here I am writing to you in a blog and I have only read 3 books! It’s not that I don’t like to read, my A.D.D takes over and I just don’t get the books finished. OR I read the front and back and maybe some of the middle and that is it. I read articles, magazines and things related to marketing, salon biz etc. Just not COMPLETE books.

This book was different, it was a miracle that I even picked it up. 🙂 I took my son to school that Monday and it was such a beautiful morning, I thought, instead of getting right to work on my computer, I am going to enjoy my coffee on the back patio. “Oh yeah”, I thought…”I got a book.”  I actually got two books that day and Dani’s book just happened to be on top.  So, I went out, sat on the patio and proceeded to read the front of it. Well, I could not put it down!! I did not go to the back or the middle, it sucked my in from the front!

You know how they say “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”? Well, I guess that was me! AND the fact that God knows WHEN we need things in our life to move us forward! 🙂

I did not put the book down for 8 hours! YEP…I read for 8 hours straight! I cried for the first several chapters! I know right…a blubbering baby! The book answered SOOO many questions that, I continued to ask myself over and over. Questions that were holding me back from my success!

The biggest one was….”I am not good enough to have dynamic success!”

So, I just want to say…if you have had questions and thoughts about your life, God, relationships, wondering IF you are worthy or good enough in your life for what ever it is that you are looking for….I HIGHLY Recommend the book!

Spirit Driven Success, by Dani Johnson. It changed my life! I found my purpose, I found my God given talents, I found my WAY and NOW, I know I am worthy and full of fulfillment with my life, marriage and business!

I WISH THAT FOR EVERY PERSON I KNOW! Because I agree with Tony Robbin’s when he says…

The “Science of Achievement” is NOTHING without the “Art of Fulfillment!”  

“Success WITHOUT fulfillment is the ultimate failure!”

                                                                                        ~ Tony Robbins

If we are successful making a ton of money, but not feeling fulfilled in our work, that is not success. Life is too darn short to not be fulfilled in your life. I look at it like this…we only have one life. One life to be the very best person we can be, doing what we know we were put on this earth to do!

I hope if you have been looking for answers, this book can help you like it did me. And you as well, can say…you have had yet another “Life Altering Moment!” 

A few words from me….

Hugs and have a blessed day,

Helping Salons Catapult their business!

Helping Salons Catapult their business!




PS. If you found this helpful or know someone struggling with fulfillment in their life, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. I would love to hear if it helped you like it did me. 🙂

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