Have you been dreaming of a Medical Spa income? It’s closer than you think!



Have you been dreaming of a Medical Spa income?


It’s closer than you think?


What if you could help your clients INSIDE ~ OUT and generate an unlimited income WITHOUT the HUGE upfront costs of expanding to a Medical Spa?

I worked for a salon marketing company and I was the first REAL person the salon owners talked to after signing up.  I heard from 99% of the salons that they needed to generate an extra $500 a month to keep their doors open. I did that in my very first month and the funny thing is…I did not try! The truth is, I DID NOT want to do this service AND I still generated $450 in that month. CRAZY RIGHT?!

Do you feel you were put on this earth to HELP your clients more?

In less than 90 days, I added 168 NEW CLIENTS to my salon just by adding this one service on my menu, needless to say, it CHANGED MY LIFE, my clients lives and my salon business!

Most want to expand to a Medical Spa for two reasons. To HELP our clients look and feel better AND to generate much higher income level. Weight loss season is here! This could catapult you right through the Holiday into what is normally the slow season of our industry! January through March!

CLICK AND READ ABOUT IT HERE…..ebook-revenue-boosting-service-pdf

Hope this helps you realize you do not have to expand to a Medical Spa to HELP Your clients MORE and Generate amazing income! 🙂

Helping Salons Catapult their business!

Helping Salons Catapult their business!








PS. Intrigued? Click here for a FREE consultation to see if this service would be a good fit for you and your salon/spa  http://tammydennis.com/work-with-me/  

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