Staff Walkout…NOW WHAT?

STAFF WALKOUT …What now?staff-walk-out-now-what-image

Well….has this ever happened to you…A staff walkout? If not, you have probably thought it would never happen. I always hoped it wouldn’t anyway. What is a staff walk out, anyway? Is it when staff leaves without notice? Or with notice and 2 or all go at once?

As Booth Rent Owners and truly ANY business where there is a contractor type situation…we do our best to try and make everyone happy and people still come and go.

I had a friend in the industry tell me… “It’s called the stylist (or staff) shuffle…they come and go at their will. It’s the industry way!” Wow, I did not like the thought that this is “just the way it is”. But, when it happens…as it did to me this last week…well…I guess that is the way it is.

This was my week….

I just had a situation where 3 ladies…two stylists and a nail tech asked to work in my salon. They were in a booth rent situation and they …it sounds like it was an abusive relationship with the owner. When the girls would try and talk to her about things, she would shut them down.

As the girls are telling me WHY they left, my heart went out to that owner. Here she has 3 girls leaving all at once. A total of $1200 in rent she would not have the first of the month and no stylist, or nail tech in the salon. Of course, I told them they needed to talk with her and let her know and try to make amends. But they were adamant with how her behavior had been in the past and currently. They were just going to leave and not fight with her.

I felt the girls did their best to try and make amends with their owner and couldn’t. I was thinking….SWOOOOO finally, the booth rent coming in will be more than the expenses of the business!! WHO HOOO!!! WELL, as 3 came in…2 gave notice and are leaving! I know right?! WHAT THE HECK! I help my staff build clientele; these two were my dear friends and so on. Well, they got an opportunity to rent a space all to themselves for a fraction of the cost to rent at my salon….SOOO, how could I blame them.

I do have to be honest…I was very hurt and frustrated. Darn it! But…then I remembered my Faith in the Lord. I have faith that He has a plan for me as He does for everyone. And this far in my life, as I put in my “about” section on my blog, everything happens for a reason. He takes people in and out of our lives for reasons and to move us forward, forward to His plan for us. Here I thought He was bringing me EXTRA income, but instead he was replacing it. Thank goodness because, in most situations, it could be tragic for a salon.

My point here is….in this fickle industry with staff shuffles coming and going and unforeseen economies and and and…we need a plan. What is your plan if this was to happen to you? For some salons, something like this could close it down.

How we respond to the situations in our lives defines us. I know yesterday when my sweet friends said they were leaving me…I reacted with emotion and fear. However, when I woke up this morning my other dear friend sent this to me. It was an email in her inbox TODAY. I hope you have sweet, amazing friends and the Lord (your higher power) to keep you on track with all aspects in your life.
The Burden of Inadequacy

Deuteronomy 1:19-36 Standing on the edge of the Promised Land, the Israelites were overcome by fear. The size and strength of the enemy contrasted sharply with their own weakness and inability. Because we’re human, everyone at times will experience inadequacy and the uncomfortable feelings that accompany it. The issue you and I face is not whether we are sufficient for a task, but how we will respond when a challenge is beyond our capabilities.

Like the children of Israel, we can give in to fear and then focus on the expectation of certain failure. As the obstacle grows in our minds, our feet run in the opposite direction, away from the challenge and toward safety. However, turning away from the task that God has given us will lead us not to security but into bondage. By allowing fear to control our choices, we’ll become chained to feelings of inadequacy, which will shape our future decisions and, ultimately, our destinies.

As a result of their refusal to trust the Lord and move forward to conquer the land, the Israelites were consigned to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. The men who did not believe God’s promise never saw the land that He wanted to give them. Opportunities are always lost when we let fear overrule our faith.

When God calls you to a task beyond your abilities, instead of giving in to your feelings, choose to rely on what you know about Him and His promises. By moving forward in faith despite your inadequacy, you will discover the Lord’s faithfulness. He always empowers us for the works He assigns.

For more biblical teaching and resources from Dr. Charles Stanley, please visit

WOW, WAS A GREAT WAKE UP CALL OR WHAT?! I had to remember that everything DOES happen for a reason and I need to be OK with it. The past year and a half was the worst in my family’s life. But having the Lord to keep us grounded and know that everything was going to be OK…made it okay. It feels the worst while it happens, then it takes its course and when we see….oh wow…that is WHY that had to happen…it all makes sense.

SO…STAFF WALKOUT…WHAT NOW? Just know that sometimes doors have to close for others to open. So take it in stride, learn from it and move forward. Smile, get to re-organizing your business and just know that GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU! 

By the way….If you do have a staff walkout and need stylists / staff to replace them…check out #10 of my “15 Unique Must Do’s to Catapult your Business” at It will show you how to find staff in your area quickly.

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Have a blessed day!
Tammy Dennis

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PS. If you are looking for a Plan B and have not found one yet, feel free to send me a quick email, I am happy to share with you what I did. <3

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