How to Turn Phone Inquiries Into Clients On Your Books

Don't let a phone shopper get away!

Don’t let a phone shopper get away!


Ie. Convert shoppers into clients!


How many people call your salon or business each day and NEVER get on the books?

Does this sound familiar? 90% of daily phone calls something like this….

Salon: ABC Salon, how may I help you?
Caller: I am wondering how much your hair cuts are?
Salon: $30 and up
Caller: Okay thank you….CLICK
Or some salons may say….$30 and up, would you like to make an appointment. NO THANKS>>>CLICK

I worked in a dental office in my younger days. I learned this one strategy and it turned our conversion rate from 15% to 99.9% appointments on the book! I applied it to my salon and it still holds true. J Shoppers always call and ask the price of the most familiar/popular service. For the dental field it was a cleaning. A nail salon may be a pedicure, a chiropractor’s an exam. It’s because they are “Shopping”, which is great! They have taken the time to at look up your number and call…so make it worth their time and CONVERT THE SHOPPER TO A CLIENT.

You’ve probably heard this before…The person asking the questions…is the person in control of the conversation! It’s TRUE!

SO….HERE’S WHAT YOU DO, instead of the above, try this…


Salon: Thank you for calling ABC Salon, this is “YOUR NAME”, how may I help you?

Caller: I am wondering how much your haircuts are?

Salon: I would love to give you some information; again my name is Tammy, what is your name?

Caller: Sally

Salon: Thank you for calling Sally, will this be your first visit to ABC?

Sally: Yes

Salon: Wonderful Sally, how did you hear about us?

Sally: My friend told me about you.

(NOTE: TAKE NOTES! How did they here…so you can keep track of your marketing efforts)

Salon: Wonderful, Sally who is your friend?

Sally: Rachel

Salon: That is great! We love referrals and have a rewards program. We will be sure to THANK Rachel when you come in.

(Note: this tells her you reward for referrals so she will do the same)

Salon: Sally, you are wondering about haircuts. Tell me a little about what you are wanting?

Sally: Let her talk…She will tell you about her hair.

Salon: Sally, are interested in a haircut only? I ask this, because we are having a special on hair color….would you like to hear about?

(Note: always know your specials so you can ask the caller if they would like to hear about them. This is a GREAT way to UP SELL on the phone. Ask and let them answer. We also give the reward to the new client as well. So, you could say… “As a referred client you get a $15.00 gift towards your first visit” That makes the color even more affordable. ETC.

Most people, if they were not referred by a friend, are just shopping! So, if they have thought enough about your salon to call YOU, make it worth their time and build that relationship!!)

Take the conversation from there and refer her to the stylist that she was referred too or the one that best fits her desires and goals.

And then….

Salon: I believe the best stylist for what you are looking for is…..She, will do a complete consultation and will go over everything with you. You will also get a shampoo and style with your cut, Susie stylist is here…x days, what days work for you? (PAUSE and let her answer)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT ASK IF SHE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT…just go right into the appointment making as if she has already agreed to it. She will tell you if she does not want to make an appointment right now. HOWEVER, MOST WILL. (In my salon, we are 100% guaranteed services. So, I always tell them that as well.)

Did you notice how I did not offer the price? When you build a relationship with them by asking questions and getting to know their needs, they will LOVE you and forget about the price. This happens 99.9% of the time! This is because; everywhere else they called, just gave a price and hung up.

Do you see the difference?

If price is still a concern, I always tell them, but again…most do not ask if I do this script.

EDUCATE EDUCATE! Make sure your front desk has a script to follow. It’s important to have script and take notes. Then you can keep track of your marketing efforts AND give the script to the stylist that will see Sally, so she knows what to expect. I have a NEW client form at the front desk so it is . Easy to grab and it has the questions on it. (this is my script)

You might be saying…no way, that will take way too long! You can narrow it down if you don’t have a front desk person taking calls. However, you want to build the relationship and know where your marketing efforts are working. So, at least ask the first few questions. And if you don’t care to upsell, then don’t ask the other questions. 😉

If you still are not convinced, then do the test! Call your competitors…say 10 of them and take notes to how the call goes. I can bet, it will be the same for you as it was for me. 10 calls = 9 clicks and only one just gave me the price and asked if I wanted to make an appointment. NEVER EVER GIVE THE PRICE WHEN A CUSTOMER CALLS AND  ASKS. Make this change and it will change your bottom line!

PS. By the way, a front desk person when trained right, WILL be a money maker for your business!! (I share in my program, how to get a receptionist to work for you WITHOUT being put on payroll and it’s a WIN WIN for everyone!)


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