What’s your 30 – Second Commercial? Why and how to create one.

What’s your 30 – Second Commercial? Why and how to create one. 30-second-success-web

Do you have a 30 – second commercial to sell yourself, service or product you offer?

Marketing tells us we need a “Unique Selling point or your USP”.  A USP is what you share with people to tell them what makes your OVERALL business different. I actually have USP in more detail, I will share in another post. But, in this blog post I want to talk about your elevator story or your 30 – second commercial. “Selling yourself, product or service in 30 seconds”.

I was on a great webinar this morning about this and I took away from the training a twist on it AND that is what I want to share with you.

YES, you SHOULD create your USP for your overall business. That would go on your biz cards, your website, etc. If you need some help with creating your USP, before I get that post done, reach out, happy to help.

Anyway,  the webinar was so right on, so I have attached the entire webinar for you to view. It explains better what I am talking about. (Yes I asked permission) 😉

With this same strategy, Your 30 – second commercial… you can do it with ANY service or product you provide not just for yourself/profession.

In the salon industry, we have several different services and sometimes we want to promote one over the other at different times of the year. We can use this 30 – second relationship commercial for each one. Create the message and then share it to the masses…I like in the video where he talks about the light house scenario. I Love that, what a great visual!


How we CAN HELP OTHERS is how we ATTRACT people to us. When people know we are willing and wanting to help them, it makes for an easier sell AND long term relationship.

As you go through the video, you will hear him talk about “finding and knowing your tribe” I call that “target marketing”. Know who you want to attract as your client and then do what I call… “Laser targeting them” on Facebook.

Facebook provides all kinds of information about people in your area. You can find the people with the income and interests you are looking for.

Each of us have different talents that will appeal to different people. When you recognize WHO you want to help and HOW you want to help them and Share what others say about you, it will become much easier. You can say something like… “I just want rich people so they can afford my services.” BUT, when you know what those people struggle with, you will relate with them more and create your message around that struggle. Does that make sense? If not, it will in the video.

Using the formula from the webinar,  I created some examples of what 30- second commercials could look like for our industry.

You know how_______________________________________
Well I ____________________________________________
And my clients report __________________________________


EXAMPLE of a 30- second commercial for a Nail tech ~

I am a nail tech, I care for hands and feet.
You know how some people get really bad cracked heels and they are sometimes painful and definitely not pretty? Well, I help people heal their feet, so they don’t have pain and they look really nice in sandals again. My clients report, how they love how easy it is to keep their feet maintained after their initial service. I love that!  (Show before and after’s of cracked heels of your clients).

Example: Hair Stylist that does extensions.

I am a hair stylist and extensions are my passion.                                                                                       VS.
You know, when some women get older, their hair thins and stops growing. It happens more often than we would think. It’s embarrassing to them and they try every “thickening” shampoo out there to try and help it. Well, I mastered the technique of hair extensions so I could help them. Most think hair extensions are only to create long beautiful hair and they are, however, hair extensions can also create a beautiful thick appearance to once thin hair. My clients report that they LOVE how my extensions FEEL and LOOK so natural, like real hair! I love that!   (Show examples of your work).

EXAMPLE of offering weight loss service:

I am a weight loss coach.                                                                                                                                        VS.
You know how some people struggle with losing weight because they cannot exercise for whatever reason? Well, I offer a program that helps people lose up to 5 to 15 lbs in 8 days and sets their body into fat-burning mode without exercise. My clients report how they love how I personally coach them, show how simple and sustainable the program is and how excited they are about FINALLY being able to reach their goals and make it part of their lifestyle.  It’s so rewarding! (Show a photo of before and after. In my case, I would share my own 50 lbs lost with no exercise before and after).

USE YOUR OWN WORDS OF COURSE…but those are examples of “Branding yourself, your service and or your product” in 30 seconds or less. A commercial. 🙂 Create a commercial for each service you want to promote.
After you Create your “30 – second Commercial” make it a post on Facebook and add before and after’s or a video of a testimonial of the same service you just mentioned in your commercial. This is a pretty impressive way to share your services with people AND on FB you can do it to the masses and laser target to the exact client you are looking for! Facebook is a “Relationship site” so make sure its a conversation and not a sales pitch. Just like he talks about in the video. 🙂

Use the questions to help you create your 30 – second commercial each time and watch the entire webinar! They go into much more detail.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY_f89Sad0o&feature=youtu.be

Hope this 30- second commercial with a twist strategy helps you! If you don’t have a Facebook biz page, testimonials or would like more client – building marketing tips, feel free to grab my FREE report “15 Unique Must Do’s to Catapult your Business Fast!”

Have a blessed day!

Helping Salons Catapult their business!




Tammy Dennis

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