Word of mouth marketing ~ Referral Program

WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING ~ Referral Program referrals-tammydennis-com

Are you using Word of Mouth Marketing with a Referral Program?
So many salons miss out on this very simple marketing tool “Referral Program” to get more clients.

If they do have this in place, it is not working very well. This means they just need to tweak it a bit.

I would like to share with you what created $7500 in my first month of opening my own salon (just me as a nail tech, and one stylist that had no clientele in my little town!) and what went on to be one of the best
marketing tools in my salon.

Do you have a referral program in place? Does it bring you a boat load of
clients? Some have it, but only offer a percentage off a product or service after
so many referrals. Some have it in place but DON’T tell anyone.

Word of mouth referrals are the best! They already love you before they get to you, because
their friend told them all about you! They sold them on you, before you even met them. Cool right?!
Can I say…if you have a program and it’s not getting you at least 10 new clients a month…then TWEAK IT! If you don’t have one in place OR you did it once and stopped, then ADD IT!

Here is what I was taught to do and it WORKED and STILL WORKS to this day!

1. Offer a crazy $$$ amount off a SERVICE (product costs you money,
service costs you time). The magic number is $10, $15 or $20 OFF TO THE
TO YOU! I know you are probably thinking…DANG that’s $30 ~ $40 bucks!! I
know, but it is a whole lot cheaper than placing a $150 ad in the
newspaper and hoping someone picks up the paper, opens it, finds your
add, and then likes your ad enough to CALL YOU…Right??

2. Create a referral card that has your reward on it. Vista print is great!
Super cheap…250 cards free if you are new to Vista print and less than
$10.00 if you are not.

3. Have them everywhere in the salon or business. IE: Front desk, at each
salon station, sitting on the coffee table in the waiting area etc.

4. SIGNAGE You can have a framed sign at the front desk and each
station… One that says… “WE LOVE YOUR REFERRALS & REWARD
FOR THEM!” Or “a salon that finally rewards for referrals”, etc. Heck you
can hang them from the ceiling! Just so you have signs up that say you
reward. HINT: Just make them professional looking. No hand writing on
a napkin…OKAY! 🙂

Ask…”Do you know about our referral program?” explain and THIS IS IMPORTANT!!
Do not ask if they would like a card….simply ask “how many cards would you like?”
9 times out of 10 they will take 3 to 5 cards! If you ask “would you like a card?”
the answer is yes or no and if yes, they will take one card…make sense??

6. KEEP TRACK! Most important! If you say you reward, then make sure
you do! So, keep track of who refers, if you sent a thank you, if the
person who got referred got their gift, and so on. (I created a simple log
that helps keeps track)

7. SEND A HAND WRITTEN THANK YOU! It can be a store bought card, just
make sure you write a hand written, blue ink message, and put in a few
extra referral cards so they have more to hand out. (Write on the referral
card the clients name that you are sending too…so that is done for them)

8. REPEAT! Every time a client sits in your chair, ask them if they know
about your referral rewards program. IF you know they do…simply
say…are you out of cards…how many more would you like? (Don’t
assume your clients are telling people about you! Reward big and see
what happens!)


I reward in both my businesses for referrals. People refer all the time!
Example: “Hey did you see that movie the other night…it is a must see!” The movie
theater does not send you a check or give you a $$ off your next movie…right?

So, when people are thanked and given a reward to refer you and tell their
friends and family about you….IT REALLY MAKES AN IMPACT! Be bold and
really reward! Set yourself apart and show your appreciation like no other
salon around you is doing and see what happens!

If you would like to see samples of my referral cards and signs, you can grab this entire training in my “15 Unique Must Do’s to catapult your business” to build or rebuild your clientele. 

Have a blessed day!

Tammy Dennis








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